Noah Is Being Published

Hello all of our Living Nomad Style supporters, fans and friends. Noah is being published! Yep! Our eldest Nomad son is going to be a published author! At 16 he finished writing his first novel, Legend Land, and he has been working with a publisher for further story and character development, formatting structure, etc. He is now, at the age of 17, at a place where it requires fine editing, layout, cover art, ISBN number and a host of other administrative things.

In order to help cover his costs for publishing costs, he has created a Kickstarter Campaign. The campaign page goes into great detail about the novel, its story line, characters and more! Check out the video for an overview. We appreciate any and all support that you can lend whether it is a monetary contribution to the campaign, sharing it with others in order to help raise awareness or both. Thank you to you all for your assistance with helping one of our Nomads to realize a lifelong dream since he was a young boy!

Legend Land Kickstarter Campaign Link –

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