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The Nomads made another trip back into Washington DC. This time we explored the National Archives. Since we are in West Virginia now, it was interesting trying to find the correct Metro Station and plot a new route to get to the right area. The one closest to us was in Maryland and we had to take a different line to get there. But, the Metro trip was smooth and uneventful.

We got off at a Metro station that was a few blocks from the National Archives building. It was a beautiful day and we enjoy urban hiking and exploration about as much as we do rural hiking and exploration. We really enjoy taking in the different architectures and, in DC, it seems that memorials and monuments pop up everywhere.

After a few blocks of walking and admiring things along the way, we arrived at the National Archives building. It stood tall and the facade represented the importance of the documents held therein. We arrived at the rear of the building. After making our way around to the front, there was a line. However, it was very short. We had time to snap a few pix from outside and then we were next to go in.

A few words of advice for you when you visit. In some of the other museums you can bring in food, drinks and even pocket knives (of which each male Nomad carries one). I suggest you leave your pocket knives at home and keep your food and water bottles secured. They seem to take this fairly seriously.

We entered and headed straight for the area where the original Declaration of Independence, United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights were held. Due to the flashes, they do not allow any photography. However, I did sneak a few pix of the room. Sorry, we do not have any pix of the documents. They were under heavy guard and close scrutiny. Seeing the original document that declared the freedom of our country and the one that is the basis for our laws was awe-inspiring.

We meandered into other areas of the building and I had to stop off and see the Magna Carta. This is the document that our founding fathers used as a template for our Constitution. We saw hundreds and hundreds of historical documents. Everyone should make a trip to the National Archives building and see these significant historical documents. Safe travels.

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