Mystic Pizza

When the youngest nomad said he wanted pizza for his birthday dinner, currently being in Connecticut, and close to Mystic, two words came to mind…..Mystic Pizza. As a child of the 80’s, and a fan of Julia Roberts, Mystic Pizza was my suggestion to the birthday boy. He had never heard of the movie Mystic Pizza, and he doesn’t know who Julia Roberts is. However, he does love to have experiences that revolve around movies and/or television; he does, after all, want to be an actor. Birthday dinner at Mystic Pizza sounded good to him.

After a full day of doing everything that the birthday boy wanted, we took off to Mystic for dinner. We snatched a couple of photos outside, and then headed in for some food. The whole theme of the restaurant is centered around the movie; which is actually playing on a loop on the television in the dining area. The walls are covered with movie memorabilia, mostly from Mystic Pizza. I was afraid it might have a tourist trap feel to it, but it didn’t. It actually felt pretty cozy.

Celebrating a birthday in our bunch means that who we are celebrating gets to make all the choices of the day. That meant Trevor was picking our pizzas. All our boys like to eat, and they like to try new foods; still I was a little surprised when Trevor wanted Teriyaki Chicken pizza. That was a new one for us. He did not surprise me though when he also wanted Hawaiian (his favorite), and Texas Chicken (it has bbq sauce…enough said).

The pizza was good, the prices were reasonable, and our server was attentive. All five of us enjoyed our pizza, and we all agreed that the Texas Chicken was our favorite. Even though Trevor’s favorite is usually Hawaiian, the bbq flavors of Texas won him over this time. I would not say that this is a must stop place for a foodie; there’s better pizza. I would say that if you’re a fan of Mystic Pizza (the movie), to stop in here for a bite to eat; just for the nostalgia of it. Happy Trails!

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