Memas 90th Birthday

After spending almost a month in Missouri getting all of our personal administrative things completed, we had to move on to our next destination because we had things to do, places to go and people to see. We left Missouri at the end of March to head down to Georgia for a few weeks.

Besides our common reason for visiting, to see family, we had an event to attend. It was Mema’s 90th Birthday. Mema, pronounced Meh-Maw, is my grandma on my Pop’s side. She and I share a birthday and we do not get to share celebrations to often. But, this time, it was her 90th. We had to make it down to see her.

This may surprise some of you, but Mema dances multiple times a week downtown at a place called the Jamboree. A client of mine, who specializes in dance and health and wellness, told me that if you dance it will prolong your life. Well, my Mema is a prime example of dancing for multiple hours in the evening multiple times a week. She does not need a cane, walker or any assisted form of walking. She gets out there and cuts a rug with Papa Jack (grandpa) like there is no tomorrow.

This year, Pop (my dad) reserved a place called The Barn. As the name would denote, it is more of a country-western type place. He had it catered and had family come from all over the south; 4 generations under one roof.

I joked with him and asked how he got permission to have so many of our rowdy family members congregated in one spot. He said he talked with the local law and got a permit. And that wasn’t easy to do because of my Uncle Glenn’s attendance. Hahaha! Just kidding folks. My family in the area is loved and my jovial Uncle Glenn is former law enforcement. We used to have a joke that if we got pulled over in the area to tell the officer that “I know Glenn.”

Each of the Nomad Sons danced with Mema. Even though they do not dance country-western, they still made their Mema happy and shook a leg to some twang. We visited and reminisced with “kin folk” that we had not seen for decades and recounted stories of how we were lucky to be alive because of all of the stunts we pulled as youths.

What an enjoyable time! One that I will never forget. Happy 90th Birthday Mema! And to the rest of you, Safe Travels.

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