Living In 4 States In 4 Weeks

After we left Albuquerque, we had to return to Missouri, as many of you know. We had to help Mama Nomad’s

parents move from one house to another and I had to take care of many administrative and business related items: meeting with insurance agent, CPA, business partners, vendors, etc. Leaving Missouri we embarked on something we have not done since we began. We are going to be living in 4 states in 4 weeks!

We left Missouri and headed east to Tennessee, the Nashville Area. Mama Nomad’s Maid of Honor, Jamie, has a daughter, Audrey, who was celebrating her Sweet 16 Birthday and we were invited to attend and celebrate. So, we got a nice little house in Columbia, TN which was about 30 minutes from Jamie’s place.

The party was at a club house with a great little pool adjacent to it. We showed up early to help out with the decorations. Then, when “most” of it was complete, I went to the pool with 2 of the 2 Nomad Sons. It was sunny, the sky was clear and a wonderful time to go swimming. I also had the opportunity to test out the waterproof capabilities of our rugged and underwater camera. Turned out pretty great.

We adjourned from the pool after an hour or so and got ready for the birthday party. Tons of Audrey’s friends showed up and it was an entertaining bunch to watch. The Nomad Sons had no problems joining in with the other teens in the festivities. The party was fun and socializing was entertaining.

Also, while we were in Tennessee we visited some family friends (Adam, Becca and Oliver). Adam and Becca were Nomads of sorts at one time. Their story is pretty fascinating. Real down to earth people and genuine friends. Spent an evening with good food and great conversation over drinks.

After a week we departed Tennessee and headed south, straight south to Florida. That is where we are as I am writing this post. We are here simply to recharge. We have been going and doing things for others for the past 5 weeks or so. This week we are just enjoying the pool, beach and doing some things we just want to do. There is no telling what we will end up doing. It’s us. Anything is possible.

Next week we will be heading to Georgia and then on to Nevada. You will have to stay tuned to find out where and why. This whirlwind travel is new as are the experiences. But we are up to the challenges and enjoying the adventure. Safe Travels.

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The patriarch of the family and Daddy Nomad. Chase loves spending time with his family, traveling, outdoor activities, good movies and TV shows, business and creative projects. He is an entrepreneurial businessman and investor who specializes in international business strategy and tactics.

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  1. It is great to hear that everything is well. Keep safe my friend.

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