Living In 4 States In 4 Weeks – Part 2

In our last post, we told you about 2 of the 4 states we were going to live in. Now, we have knocked off the remaining 2 of the 4 states. So, read on to check out us living in 4 states in 4 weeks – part 2.

In the first 1/2 of the month we were in Tennessee and Florida. Once we left Florida, we headed to SW Georgia to visit Daddy Nomad’s Dad, a man affectionately known as Lolo.

Our time in Georgia was filled with good food (a lot of it) and great company. We feasted with aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, sisters, brother-in-laws and nephews. Our time in Georgia is always spent having a great time with fun-loving family.

We were only in Georgia for 4 days. However, although it was short, it is the quality not the quantity of time spent.

When we left Georgia, we headed across the country. Daddy Nomad’s grandma on his mom’s side was turning 90 and family from all over the world was driving or flying in. And we could not miss the party. So we left Georgia for Las Vegas, Nevada.

This would be a journey of around 2200 miles and over 32 hours of being on the road. We like to travel. But, I will say, even this was a road trip that wore us out!

We arrived in Las Vegas on the 3rd day of our trip. We had enough energy to grab some dinner, a few groceries and hit the hay.

The next day was the first of 2 parties for Daddy Nomad’s Grandma, affectionately called Lala. We met up with other family at a local hotel/casino/steak and seafood buffet. Lala is from the Philippines, so it looked like a Filipino invasion. Over 70 people showed up for dinner!

We all talked, reminisced, ate and socialized. It was a fun evening with great company. Some of the family was going out later to celebrate. We were still tired from the drive, so we retired to our accommodations.

The next morning, we woke up late. But it was in time for party #2, a BBQ at the park. Any other time, I would have been very eager to attend a Filipino BBQ at the park. But, on this particular day in Las Vegas, the temperature was 106° F with little to no breeze.

We still had a great time with our family. The food and the conversation was awesome. But 106° F dry heat did begin to take its toll! After a few hours, we decided to retire back to our accommodations.

On this trip, we achieved our original objective of living, visiting or exploring the CONUS (CONtinental United States). We hit 48 of the 50 states. We have 2 more to mark off: Alaska and Hawaii. They will be next. Stay tuned for those adventures.

Soon we will be leaving Las Vegas and looking for a place to possibly settle for a while. But who knows. We are Nomads. You will have to just check back with us. Safe Travels.

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