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Magic Mickeys HatThe Nomad Family has visited two different Disney parks this month. The first one being Hollywood Studios. There are thousands of articles, posts and advertisements for Disney and Hollywood Studios. So, my objective is to relay our experience there, mainly through imagery and hopefully impart at least one thing that other sites may have overlooked. So without further ado, off to the studios we go.

We will begin with relaying some helpful information we learned. Hollywood Studios is mainly based upon shows and character interactions. They have some rides. But they are fewer than other parks. So, it is our suggestion that either before you go or first thing when you arrive that you sign-up for fast passes to the three rides that fill up the fastest: Rock N Roller Coaster, Toy Story and The Tower of Terror.

The next tip is that as soon as you ride them all, go to a Fast Pass kiosk (they are in multiple places) and sign up for the last show of the evening for Fantasmic. You cannot have more than 3 fast passes at one time and you have to use them all before you can add another one. Fantasmic is a show worth seeing. As such, EVERYONE wants to see it. With a Fast Pass and going to the last showing, you will not wait as long and your seating will be easier to grab that perfect spot.

Last tip we found very helpful was to bring backpacks, hard sided water bottles and a freezer bag of snacks for each member of the family. We brought summer sausage, Cliff Bars, trail mix, an assortment of vegetables, potato chips and pepperoni. I would NOT suggest the pepperoni. It is greasy and easily gets all over you. You have to use a ton of napkins each time you get it out. The park has water fountains at each bathroom. With hard sided water bottles you can refill and stay hydrated all day.

Those are our basic tips. Now to the visual representation of our experience. Enjoy!

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  1. Great pics….loved them all!!

  2. We have never been to a Disney park yet. Looks like great fun!! Great tips on fast passes and what to bring, thanks! 🙂

    • Maria – It was very fun. depending upon your preference, Disney has a park to suit your wants. We went to Hollywood Studios and The Magic Kingdom (post to come) this time. however the family has been to them all one time in the past. If you time it right, the crowds are not as bad as they are other times of the year. Glad you found value in our tips! More to come in our future adventures!

  3. My little one is due this month and these are the things I look forward to – I hope he likes them…

    • First…congratulations! Second…if you wait until he is tall enough to ride all of the rides, he will enjoy the park a lot more, in my humble opinion.

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  5. ahhhh fun! I only spent one insane day in disney running around the animal and magic kingdom. I’m hoping to go back for a weekend over the winter and see more 🙂

    • Hannah – It was great fun. We have found that you need to dedicate at least one day to one park in order to take full advantage. And, sometimes even two days. Hope you have fun when you go back in winter!

  6. I’ve never been to this park in Disney but it looks like so much fun! Even for us bigger kids 🙂

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