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Since before Christmas, our Nomad family has been staying in the mountain town of Hendersonville, NC. If you’re not familiar with Hendersonville, let me give you a libearttle rundown. It’s on the smaller side with a population just over 13,000; located in Western North Carolina, about half an hour south of Asheville. It is a neat place with a lot of appeal. It has many activities, as well as being centrally located to countless other adventures. Hopefully, you’ve been following along on our blog, and have seen said adventures. (wink,wink)

It was evening when we first arrived, but we hit the downtown area right away, and I fell in love with the charm of the place. Arriving before Chrissealtmas, downtown was fully decorated. There were Christmas lights, wreaths, and trees everywhere I looked. I felt like I was on a movie set. Pure dreamy. Even though the downtown area has put away their Christmas cheer for another year , it still feels like a movie set to me.

Our first week here, the Nomad kiddos, and I made a visit to the Visitors Information Center to see what all the area had to offer. Everyone there was so helpful, and especially kind. The boys, and I commented to each other on how friendly they were. After our stop there, I realized that 6 weeks was not enough time to do all that was available to us. We would have to prioritize, and see all that our schedule would allow. Side note: we did push our departure back by a wetrexek to get a little more North Carolina time in.

Some of the places we did get to visit that have not been previously written about were the Henderson County Heritage Museum, and the Mineral and Lapidary Museum. These were both interesting stops, full of education, and they offer free admission (donations appreciated, but not expected). We also went on the self-guided Historic Main Street Walking Tour. The eldest, and middle Nomad sons enjoyed downtown on their own a few times. They would walk around enjoying the local shops, spend time at any of the multiple coffee places, and just hang out. Main Street is picturesque, and worth a stroll to see the shops, cafes, museums, and galleries. There’s a lot to see, and do.

Overall, I would say our stay in Hendersonville, NC has a big hit with all the Nomads. We got to experience mountain life for the first time (not the last, I’m sure). This area doesn’t get the snow like I was hophendersonvilleing for, but that wasn’t a bad thing since we got to enjoy so much time out in nature. The place was wonderful to visit in the winter, and I bet it’s just as grand in the other seasons. If you’re thinking about visiting Western North Carolina, I would highly recommend Hendersonville.


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  1. We are so glad you enjoyed your time in North Carolina.

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