Happy 17th Birthday Ethan

For many of you avid readers and fans of LivingNomadStyle.com, you know that our middle son, Ethan, was born on January 1st. So, while the rest of the world is celebrating New Year’s, we are saying “Happy 17th Birthday Ethan!”

That’s right. Our middle son is now legally able to go to an R rated movie.

As is typical on Nomad Birthdays, the birthday person gets to pick what we do and eat. As many of you know, Ethan is a mellow kind of fellow. So, the day started off with eating monkey bread and bacon followed by presents. Then, an entire day of horror movies. Yep. He loves horror movies.

We took a break to eat some fried chicken and cake and then back to, you guessed it, more horror movies.

Happy 17th Birthday Ethan!

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