Happy 12th Birthday Trevor

101_4189Today our youngest Nomad just turned 12. Now, to most, 12 is not a landmark birthday. Being 1, as it is the first, then 5 because you are a whole hand and then 10 because you are double digits, followed by 11 because you are no longer able to count birthdays on two hands. Commonly, the next is 13 because you become a teenager, then 15 for your learner’s permit, 16 to be able to drive and 18 as an adult. But, 12 is jumped right over.

Well, with Trevor, 12 is landmark because he went from having that distinctly kid voice to a deeper (but still cracking) young man voice. Yes…he has grown a lot in 1 year. Look at the enclosed pic at the size of his feet. He’s 12 and they are size 8 mens or so.

But, even though he is growing into a young man, he still is a kid at heart and for that we are thankful. We customarily, in our Nomad household, do what the birthday person wants to do. We had fresh baked cinnamon rolls for breakfast, we are having ice cream cake for his celebration and topped off by seeing Dr. Strange and having some locally made pizza. I am going to go into a sugar and carb coma here!

Happy Birthday Trevor!!!

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