What Is Inside Your Kids’ Luggage?

As Nomads, travel is in the fiber of who you are. And, when you consider travel, you need something to keep your gear in. Of course, different types of trips require different gear and different gear requires different bags or luggage. A writer from the Philippines, Carolette Alcoran, wrote an… Continue reading

Travel As Transformation

The Nomads of Living Nomad Style have journeyed throughout the United States. That was our primary objective for our journey. We wanted to live in or explore all 50 states. And, as of this writing, we have completed 44. We learned many things along the way about travel, relationships, solution… Continue reading

If You Fancy Adventure

As Nomads, we all seek adventure and exploration. Currently, as you know, our journey is taking us through many sights and adventures within the United States. There are, obviously, a great many places to visit, things to see and locales to explore within the US. However, there are many, many… Continue reading

U.S. Taxes for Worldly Americans

As a Nomad, you are well aware that our family travels full-time. We have done all of our traveling primarily within the United States. However, as the Nomad Sons get older, our plans may look external to the US and broaden our family’s travel horizons. Many of you have already… Continue reading