Greenwich Home Light Show

In the City of Greenwich, Connecticut, is a home owned by a man by the name of Mr. Paul Tudor Jones. Mr. Jones is an American businessman that founded Tudor Investment Corporation. As of 2014, he was ranked the 108th richest American with a net worth of about $4.3 billion. What is so special about this man, other than his financial prowess and his establishment of a foundation to fight poverty? Well…Mr. Jones is full of the Christmas Spirit.

One year Mr. Tudor created a light display at his house to entertain his guests. It was such a hit with his guests and the neighbors, that he began to do it every year. Each year, this Greenwich home light show is completely different. And, it is one of the most elaborate light shows I have ever seen. Mr. Tudor even hires the local police to direct traffic so that the nearby Country Club members will not be inconvenienced.

If you are near Greenwich, Connecticut, which is near the border of New York State, and it is Christmas time, you really have to go see this. It is well worth the drive to see it. Here is the address – 100 Harbor Drive, Greenwich, CT 06830. Safe Travels!

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