Four Wheeling

Last weekend The Nomads got access to an ATV and we went four wheeling. One thing about Southern Utah, there are lots of public lands that you can use. And you can almost throw a rock in any direction to hit a trail you can take an ATV on or traverse by foot.

We had one vehicle, so we took turns running through the back country, up and down hillsides and winding around cliffs. The boys handled the four-wheeler like champs.

The trails that were closest to home base were extremely rocky, uneven and will not allow you to get much speed. In some spots, the rocks completely left and we were in the middle of streams of deep sand. It was weird.

Each person got the ATV stuck in sand at least once. But, we flipped it into 4WD, hit the gas and the vehicle easily got out of the scenario.

We ran the ATV for about 2 hours running all over the local hill and mountainsides. Great afternoon of riding and exploring by ATV while getting some fresh air and sunshine. Thank you Southern Utah. Safe Travels.

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