Earth Dog Cafe

Situated in the center of a town with less than 700 people is a place that you would not necessarily expect in this small town setting. It is called Earth Dog Cafe.

Mama Nomad, me and her parents visited this establishment one afternoon while cruising around this small town. From the outside it looks fairly unassuming. But, when you park (most of the parking is in the back) and you enter, you will quickly realize that the outside does not reflect the size, scope or awesomeness that is inside.

We parked in the back and walked up and into the building. We were greeted and seated promptly. There are multiple seating areas, to include a bar area.

We ordered their Nacho Nachos that were fully loaded and enough for the four of us to share. From there we each ordered. What was funny was that Mama Nomad and I ordered the Three Little Piggies Platter and her parents ordered the Love Me Two Times Platter. We (the spouses) shared what we ordered and it was more than enough for us to eat. That’s correct. One appetizer and two regular meals fed four people. And we were FULL! Link to their menu –

Quality of Food: 5 | Service: 5 | Price: 4 | Overall Value: 5

The service was great. Each member seemed to pitch in to make sure our plates were cleared and our drinks were full. The food was equally as fantastic as the service. The price was slightly higher than our best deals we have experienced. However, their rates are completely and totally reasonable. If you are in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia and you have an appetite, stop in to Earth Dog Cafe. Safe Travels.

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