Early Christmas In Missouri

Charles Daly Camoflauge 12 GaugeWhile the Nomads were visiting family in SW Missouri, we had an early Christmas celebration since we will not be here around the 25th of December. Each of us received travel appropriate gifts. Many of us received gift cards (easy to carry and usable in most states). I, however, received something I have been seeking for a while; a nice 12 gauge pump shotgun.

I am not a hunter and I am not an avid gun collector. I simply wanted one of the best home defense guns you could have. If a burglar is in your home and they hear the universal and unmistakable “clack! clack!” of the pump shotgun, they tend to want to leave rapidly.

Part of having a gun in the home is teaching proper gun safety and usage. You have read posts in the past where we go skeet shooting at Daddy Nomad’s sister’s place every time we are in SW Georgia. We are able to practice with our relatives’ shotguns and learn how to handle them. But we were absent on doing the same for our own. That is until now.

We went out, excitedly, on a cold Missouri winter afternoon to Mama Nomad’s uncle and aunt’s place. They own a farm with wooded areas, livestock and gardens. We took the new shotgun out into an open field and finally practiced gun safety, proper handling and shooting skeet with our own shotgun. We had a great time, cold wind and all!

Mama Nomad’s parents got me the shotgun and they picked well. It was easy to use, easy to aim with, smooth pump-action and hardly kicked at all. This was well made and the time and attention it took to pick it was extremely appreciated.

To anyone else who is reading this that is considering going skeet shooting for the first time, please take someone who is well experienced with you to ensure you learn proper safety and receive proper instruction. Just like with driving a car, rock climbing or parachuting, as long as you follow the rules, you can have fun while staying safe. Safe travels to you.

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