Diamondback Golf Club

Diamondback Golf Club, the only 4.5 star golf course that I have seen cows grazing on!

Mandy and I were driving by and we both did a double take. Then, it was bizarre enough that we did a u-turn and went back for a second look. We came across a place that was advertised as The Diamondback Golf Club. But there were cows on the fairway! So, we pulled out our phones and did a little research while on premises. Sure enough, they have a live website – http://www.diamondbackgolfflorida.com/. You can go there and read their description and see their pix of the place.

We could not believe the site. We checked and double checked to make sure it was the same place. Yep! Address was correct – 6501 State Road 544 E, Haines City, FL 33844. The website even says “Copyright 2014 at the bottom of it.” That means that it was, at least, updated this year. Here are a few pix we snapped while there. If you look at the front gate and zoom in, you will see chains on the gate.

To all those who wish to play this course, remember, you will have the added hazards of climbing the gate, wading through weeds and trying to keep out of the cow pies!

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