Decorating Nomad Style

I recently shared some pics of past homesNomad Christmas decorated during Christmas. It seemed only fitting to share our current Christmas decor.

We have a 4ft tree that we travel with. I have fondly started to refer to this as our “Nomad Tree.” We travel with bins, and one of them is a decor bin. The decor bin holds ornaments, lights, a small tree skirt, the star, stocking holders, and our stockings. It’s very minimal compared to what I “normally” do, but this is not our “normal” life anymore. I’m just happy to be able to bring a decor bin along.

The home we are renting was also decorated for the Christmas season. The owners put out Christmas placemats at both tables, adorable snowman figures everywhere, and a small 2 1/2 foot tree. It has all added very nicely to the decor we brought. It’s a personal touch that the owners didn’t have to add, but I’m so appreciative that they did.


About Mandy

The First Lady of the family and Mama Nomad. Mandy loves to spend time with her family, travel, explore and read. She is the primary daily educator and overall household manager. Mandy is credited with being the inspiration behind venturing into this Nomadic Lifestyle.

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