1000 Mile Challenge

How many miles do you think you walked this year? I do not mean how many steps you walked throughout the house, strolling around the grocery store or jaunting to the car and back. I am referring to the amount of miles you purposely walked specifically for exercise. Well, at… Continue reading

Four Wheeling

Last weekend The Nomads got access to an ATV and we went four wheeling. One thing about Southern Utah, there are lots of public lands that you can use. And you can almost throw a rock in any direction to hit a trail you can take an ATV on or… Continue reading

Passport Renewal

The time had come. Everyone needed to renew passports. Well…actually…passport expired a few years ago. But, we were traveling in the US, so we did not see the need to renew them. That was until we went to Niagara Falls. We wanted to walk across the bridge into Canada, but… Continue reading

Pumpkin Picking

Here we are, almost two weeks into the autumn season, and let me tell you, the Nomads have been celebrating up a storm. We’ve already been able to take in the beautiful changing of the leaves in our own area and beyond. The pumpkin scented soaps and candles are out, being enjoyed by… Continue reading

Camera Problems

Any of you who have followed us for any length of time, or, actually, who has read at least one post, knows that we take a lot of pictures. We like to chronicle our travels for both ourselves as well as for our fans, followers and supporters. In order to… Continue reading

Started With Canoeing And Ended With Fire

When the lakes were frozen and the ground was covered in snow, our youngest Nomad (Trevor) asked me many times if we could go canoeing. Of course, with the lakes being frozen, going canoeing was out of the question. As the end of April began to bring Spring in and… Continue reading

Launch Party

As I stated in our post Back In The Swing Of Things, we were in Missouri to do a great many personal administrative things like taxes, drivers licenses, new vehicle, etc. One thing we did, that had nothing to do with our annual personal admin tasks was to have a… Continue reading

Changing of the Guard

In March we had a Changing of the Guard. What does that mean? Well, let me tell you. Back in 2002 Mama Nomad, Noah and Baby Ethan went to a Ford Dealer in Republic, Missouri. After a rather long and completely exhausting day, we traded our vehicle in and drove… Continue reading

Back In The Swing Of Things

Hello all of our Living Nomad Style fans! Have you missed us? We have not written anything since the end of February (Howard Steamboat Museum). Don’t fret. Your favorite Nomads have not disappeared. We just had a lot of family administrative stuff to do. Since our last post, we have… Continue reading

Green Creek Cave

Yesterday the land lord of our current home base came out to do some maintenance on the house. While he was here, he told us about a cave that was about 3/4 of a mile away if you followed the river bank. I could not hear about a cave like… Continue reading