Crazy Fish – One Of Florida’s Best Kept Secrets

Crazy FishWe had a Nomad Family friend visiting us with his personal assistant and one of his business partners. They were not familiar with the area and, as you likely know from following our posts, we have only been here about a month. However, we were tasked with identifying a restaurant to meet at and have dinner. Mandy, Mama Nomad, got busy checking different websites, reviews, menus, locales…the works. And she came up with a little, local hole in the wall (I love hole-in-the-wall joints) called Crazy Fish.

Crazy Fish is located at 802 Henry St., Lake Wales, Florida. It is near the intersection of State Road 60 and US Highway 27. If you are driving too fast, you will miss the little turn off for Henry St. It is very nondescript. The outside of the place looks like a run of the mill small town restaurant. The inside is decorated a little more festively. Honestly, when I pulled up and walked in, my hopes were not very high. I am pleased to report that my initial impressions were not reality.

Dan - Chase - MandyMandy and I arrived before our guests did, so we went ahead and ventured inside. We were greeted with a very positive and upbeat attitude and seated right away. Our server was extremely pleasant and personable. She took our drink orders while we tried to decide what to eat. In the meantime, our guests arrived; Mr. Dan Vega from The Dan Vega Show, a business associate of his named Ginger and his PA Drew. Our server returned with our drink order and took the drink orders of our guests. I had decided on some appetizers for all of us and placed the order: Oysters Rockefeller and Conch Fritters.

Our server returned with all of the drinks and told us our appetizers were being prepared. She asked to relay the specials and we intently listened. That was…until she mentioned…Stuffed Red Snapper. After she described it I did not hear another word come out of her mouth. She continued with the other specials and I had to politely interrupt and tell her I was not listening. I wanted the Stuffed Red Snapper. It was FRESH Red Snapper stuffed with crab meat and cream cheese. I got it with fried spinach and broccoli.

Stuffed Red Snapper     Pampano


When the food came out, the visual of the outside of the restaurant melted away. We were in five-star heaven in a little hole in the wall with great service and fantastic food. The Oysters Rockefeller was delicious. The conch fritters were almost as good as the ones I had in the Bahamas. And when the Stuffed Red Snapper came out, it was all over but the crying. I do not think I was a very good dinner conversationalist because the only interaction I had was between me and my plate. More than one of us order the Stuffed Red Snapper Special and we had no complaints. Mr. Vega got the whole pompano and he had similar responses to our own. It was phenomenally delicious.

This little place underpromised and overdelivered in a big way. It has made it to be one of my favorite seafood restaurants I have visited. I give it a 5 out of 5 stars and recommend anyone in the area to stop in and give it a try.

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