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Country Inn and Suites CookevilleWhen the Nomads left SW Missouri, we sought a place that was just a little more than 1/2 way between departure and arrival points. We identified that place to be Cookeville, Tennessee. And, since we had good luck with the chain before, we decided to stay at the Country Inn and Suites at 1151 South Jefferson Avenue in Cookeville.

Also, recently, we developed a rating system for lodging, restaurants and more. So, we will implement it here. The system rates things on a scale of 1 to 5 for multiple categories. And, there is an overall value score derived from the individual category scores.

Price – 5
We are a family of five. So, we have the choice of either acquiring two rooms or acquiring a suite. We always opt for the suite option. However, that is not always available. At the Country Inn and Suites in Cookeville, it was available. And, it was actually quite affordable.

The suite was 2 rooms. One room had a kitchenette and a living room type area with desk, TV and pull out couch. The second room had two queen beds, TV and the bathroom.

The price for the 2 room suite? It was only $96 plus tax. For a two room suite, this is between 20% and 40% less expensive than other places we have stayed, including the same hotel chain.

Cleanliness – 4
The hotel overall was quite clean. Our room did not have any trash left behind and there was no visible Country Inn and Suites Cookeville - Lobbydirt or dust. The sheets seemed washed and the trash cans, toilet and shower all seemed cleaned.

The lobby was free of debris or an abnormal amount of dust and dirt. All lobbies have some due to foot traffic. The hallways, elevators and other common spaces we equally as clean.

The only reason why this received a less than perfect score was due to their construction. The workers had items lying around, in order to do their job. But, nonetheless, it gave a less than pristine feeling and some construction debris was outside (mostly in the back) around the grounds.

Extras – 4
A hot breakfast is a must for our family. With a family of 5 and 4 of them being guys, we eat hearty for Country Inn and Suites Cookeville - Breakfast Areabreakfast. If we went to a restaurant, we would spend $30 to $40 easy for breakfast. So, the fact that they have a free complementary breakfast is something we seek.

They also have the requisite business center and fitness center. We did not have the need for the former or time for the latter. All we can attest to is that they have both of these extras as well as one that is not so common, guest laundry facilities. They also have a pool. It was closed due to the season.

The hotel offered free WiFi internet access. The WiFi was quite fast and consistent when it worked. I was in the middle of doing some work online and the WiFi went down. I called the front desk and asked about it. They said they were waiting on tech support. I asked if I could look at it. Long story short…I got the WiFi back up and going. If the WiFi had worked the entire time, I would have rated this a 5.

Service – 5
Country Inn and Suites Cookeville - StaffThis place really shined in this department. We checked in at evening time and the gentleman at the desk was personable, respectful and helpful. The next day, breakfast time, the worker who covered the food area made sure everything was full, hot and ready. She also wished us safe travels as we left the area. And, finally, at checkout, even though they had technical difficulties, the front counter staff were all very helpful and courteous.

Overall Value – 4.5
The staff was friendly and helpful, the extras we use were available, the price was below market and, even though they were remodeling, it was still fairly clean. The Country Inn and Suites in Cookeville, Tennessee is a place that I would both recommend as well as stay at again. Safe Travels.

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