Connecticut Beach House

When our original plan was made for the New England part of our adventure, I was only slightly excited. I’m actually exaggerating quite a bit…..I didn’t want to go. I won’t carry on about why I wasn’t looking forward to this stay; we’ll just say that I wanted to head back to the south. THEN…..we got to New England, and everything changed. To date, New England has been my favorite.

We arrived in Connecticut at the end of August with original plans to head on up to Maine in November. The long, and the short of it; our CT house was so awesome that we just parked ourselves there for our whole stay. We were there for 5 months (the longest we’ve stayed anywhere since we began Living Nomad Style). If I could have talked my fellas into it, we’d actually still be there. As you might be able to tell, I really loved it there.

The town of Niantic, CT is darling. I loved taking trips downtown. The main street runs parallel to the Long Island Sound with beautiful beach, and ocean views everywhere. For the first month and a half of our stay there was a fantastic farmer’s market. The shops, the restaurants, the people were all fabulous. The friendliness of the people in this quaint, little shoreline village was more welcoming than I had ever expected. From our Connecticut beach house we had access to all that New England had to offer. In 2 hours we could be in New York City or Boston. In less than 3 hours we could be in parts of New Hampshire, Vermont, and even Maine. We saw all of New England, and more during our Niantic stay.

The house for our stay was everything that this Midwest girl could have dreamed of. It was the quintessential New England beach house. From our deck we could watch the ferry boats along the Long Island Sound. The view of the ocean never gets old to me. Our stay was during a little bit of summer, all of fall, and a bit of winter, and it allowed me to enjoy the beach in all elements. It was a dream come true. I get a little weepy thinking about how magnificent it all was.

If you’re thinking about a trip to the New England area, might I suggest the little gem of a place where we stayed in Niantic, CT. The house is great for a weekend, a week, a month. Heck, pull a Nomad style stay, and just spend five months there. No matter the length, you won’t regret it. Pack your bags; don’t forget some sheets because that is the only thing not provided for you. Other than sheets, the house is all ready to go for your enjoyment. The homeowners for the beach cottage, Barb and Mike, are really great, and they’ll do everything they can to make you feel at home. You can go here and enter 3950951 into the “Where Do You Want To Go” box. Make sure to tell them the Nomads from Living Nomad Style sent you.

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