Cid’s Filipino Restaurant

In each town we live in or visit, we do a search for Filipino food. Why? My mother is from the Philippines. My father is from Georgia. So, I am torn between loving Filipino food and Southern cooking. My grandmothers on both sides are phenomenal cooks.

My Filipino Grandmother (Lala) is always traveling and I do not get to sample her food as much as I do my Georgia Grandmother’s (Mema) cooking. And, after marrying me, Mandy tasted and fell in love with Filipino food also. So, we seek good, authentic Filipino food wherever we go.

We have tried many places and most have failed the test of being authentic and at least passable as good Filipino food. That is, until we found Cid’s.

Cid’s is located at 1328 John Young Parkway, Kissimmee, Florida. I will admit, I was thrown off when I visited the establishment. Their website is very nice ( so I expected a fancy sit down restaurant with high prices and sub-par food. Wow was I mistaken! Cid’s is a little hole in the wall place with a few tables inside the establishment. But, their menu and food was authentic. Their prices were reasonable. And their service was great. It helped that a Filipino TV program was playing on the TV in the corner – Eat Bulaga anyone?

Mandy and I ate Siopao, lumpia, pancit canton and a beef with carrot and potato dish. We left stuffed and completely satisfied. It was not exactly like Lala’s food. But, it is the best Filipino restaurant that we have had the pleasure of visiting. I give this place a 5 out of 5. They had good quality of food, reasonable pricing and great service. Anyone in the Orlando area looking for good Filipino food, Cid’s is worth visiting.

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