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We’ve been in the Poconos for over 6 weeks now. When we first arrived, we hit up the closest grocery store, and noticed next door to it a local diner called Chat N Chew Cafe. Three things caught my attention about the place. First, the name; I love it! Second, they serve breakfast all day; win, win. Third, they advertise the best pancakes in town; middle Nomad son LOOOOVES pancakes, he must try them.

We’ve since had breakfast at Chat N Chew three different times (so far), and that’s saying something. It’s uncommon that we eat the same place more than once when we’re staying somewhere. There are too many great restaurants to be eating at the same places, but we’ve made an exception with Chat N Chew. They serve lunch, too, but we just keep coming back for the breakfast; it’s that fantastic.

Their breakfast menu has a variety of items to choose from, and is sure to have something for everyone. They’ve got a large selection of omelettes (we’ve tried a couple, they’re great). There’s Hungry Man plates with eggs, bacon, sausage links, toast, AND pancakes. It takes a real hungry man (or woman) to put all that food away, and our middle Nomad son has done it each time we ate there. My favorite is their biscuits and gravy; it’s my perfect comfort food. Almost every breakfast dish comes with a side of homefries. If you are a potato junky (like me) you’ll love ’em. Best homefries I’ve ever had at a restaurant.

Something that Chat N Chew does that I haven’t seen before is their ‘Egg’ceptional Sandwiches. You have your choice from three different sandwiches; waffle sandwich, French toast sandwich, or pancake sandwich. Daddy Nomad had the French toast sandwich; three slices of French toast, four slices of bacon, and two eggs, all put together in a yummmmilicious sandwich, and covered with syrup. Oh boy! This all just works together for a symphony in your mouth.

I’ve been saving the best for last. The most unique breakfast item that I’ve ever seen. Not for the faint at heart…’s the Belly Buster Messy Mike. This sandwich is the Goliath of all breakfast sandwiches. And I’m proud (or frightened) to say that the eldest Nomad son has put this bad boy away, not once, but twice. What can I say, my boys can eat. Just wait til you hear what’s in this baby; its two eggs, chicken fried steak, bacon, home fries, and cheddar cheese, topped with sausage gravy, all on a ciabatta bun. Lawdy, Lawdy this is the breakfast sandwich to beat all other breakfast sandwiches.

If you find yourself in the Poconos of Pennsylvania, I highly suggest you make the trip to Blakeslee, and visit Chat N Chew (248 Route 940, Blakeslee, PA 18610). There menu can be found HERE if you’d like to take a look at all the mouth-watering food they can fix up for ya.

Quality of Food: 4  |  Service: 3  |  Price: 5  |  Overall Value: 4

* The 3 for service is for one reason, and one reason only….our drinks weren’t kept full. Daddy Nomad has mentioned this in other “Eating” posts, and it’s kind of a big deal for us. You keep our drinks full, and we don’t have to ask for refills each time; then we leave big tips, and good reviews. The service is definitely friendly, and makes you feel right at home. I’m not sure why they don’t walk around with coffee, and water to keep drinks full. We’ve had three different servers, and none of them refilled any of our drinks or even offered to refill without us asking. Maybe it’s just how they do it around here.

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