Cape Cod

Ah, Cape Cod. So much to see, and so little time. We were allotting a day to explore Cape Cod; a very long day, but one day, nonetheless. We left around 9:30am, and didn’t get back home until after 11pm. Like I said, it was a very long day.

Our agenda was Kennedy. I know the Cape has all kinds of things to do, but we were there for a little Kennedy experience. First stop, JFK Hyannis Museum located on Main St in Hyannis, MA; not to be confused with his Presidential Library that is in Boston. This is a really great little museum. It’s $10 per person (unless you’ve checked Groupon, and found a deal), and the price includes the Cape Cod Baseball League Hall of Fame.

The museum focuses on the life of the Kennedy’s in Hyannis, mostly through photos, and videos. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the photos, and reading about the family. There’s a good amount of information provided by the museum, but not so much that you can’t get it done in an hour. They even have a scavenger hunt for kiddos to keep them interested. Our youngest nomad did it, and thought it was fun, and he especially liked his prize of “Kennedy For President” stickers. He just so happens to enjoy pretty much all things presidential though. My favorite part was how well they captured the bond between JFK, and RFK. Being a mom of 3 boys, I’m a sucker for those close knit brother relationships.

After we left the museum, we headed to the JFK Memorial on Ocean St. The memorial is part of park that is located by the beach. It’s a lovely green space with nice views of all the sailboats in the water. We were there on a chilly, and windy day so the boats in the water were sure rocking around on the waves. There’s also a fountain, and don’t worry; if you accidentally have something fly into the fountain, there’s a nice guy collecting money for the JFK Memorial Scholarship Fund and Youth Sailing Program that can assist you with getting it out. That’s all hypothetical, of course.

Our final stop on the Kennedy tour was (of course) the Kennedy Compound. Driving by there isn’t much to see; you can’t see anything really from the road. However, if you take a nice little walk on the beach you can get a wonderful view of the main house.

To wrap up our Cape Cod day, we road tripped on down to Provincetown; just to drive the whole Cape. While you can definitely spread out a visit to Cape Cod over days, weeks or even months; if time is a pinch, it can be done in a day, too.

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