Bye September, Hello October

Bye September, and Hello October. We’ve successfully wrapped up September, which means one complete month of “Living Nomad Style.” It’s been a good one with some ups and down.

First few weeks were pretty busy. Here’s a little recap:

  • Week one; we got settled in, explored our grounds, and took some much needed breaths after the huge change we had just made in all our lives.
  • Week two; made a venture out to a homeschool event (trampolines*), boys went to stay with friends in SWFL for a few days, made it over to the beach, and went on lots of small exploring expeditions.
  • Week three;  this was a week of seeing friends. We had a friend from Texas in the area, and two different sets of Florida friends come see us. We also made it to Downtown Disney this week.
  • Week four; SICKNESS. As I wrote a few days ago, this was the week that all four of my guys went down. It was a bummer of week, but the Florida weather seemed to cooperate; giving us plenty of rain to encourage us to stay home, and for them to rest.

*Ethan hurt his back at the homeschool event on the trampolines, and was struggling for the next couple of weeks. It went in and out with spasms for several days. He was doing lots of stretching, and even though it’s been 3 weeks, he’s still nursing it, and a little worried about it. Needless to say, we haven’t been able to make it back to the weekly trampoline get together.

Miscellaneous musings:

  • There’s been more rain in September than I remember. It’s put some dampers on the plans here and there. We joined a PE co-op that meets once a week. It has been cancelled every week due to the rain. Which, honestly, has worked out since Ethan had hurt his back, and then the boys were sick. Hoping we’ll get to enjoy this co-op for the next few weeks before we leave though. We had originally planned on visiting Disney in September. Another adjustment that we’ve made due to the rain. It’s been pushed to October.
  • I’ve realized that everywhere we need to go, takes an hour. We filled drive time with The Prince audio book by Niccolo Machiavelli. I’ve also realized, I need more audio books.
  • I have played more foosball in the month of September than I’ve played in my lifetime. The place having the foosball table seemed cool, but I thought we’d use it the first week, and be bored. I was completely wrong. The boys and I play DAILY. We have singles, teams, tournaments. Even when they were puny, we were still playing foosball. It’s been so great to have, and I feel like some memories have been made there.
  • I will constantly be wondering if the choices I’m making for my family are the right ones or not. If we’re settled down in one place, should we be seeing the world. If we’re seeing the world, should we be settled down in one place. Will the boys resent me for staying in one spot. Will they resent me for moving them around all the time. And on, and on, and on it goes.

It’s still all an adjustment, and I’m sure it will be for quite some time. When I get used to something, I’m sure it will change. That’s the life I signed up for. Heck, it’s the life I suggested. And for now, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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The First Lady of the family and Mama Nomad. Mandy loves to spend time with her family, travel, explore and read. She is the primary daily educator and overall household manager. Mandy is credited with being the inspiration behind venturing into this Nomadic Lifestyle.

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