Book Signing At The Springfield Barnes And Noble

As many of you know, the eldest Nomad Son is a professional writer, literary consultant and published author. He has a few short stories available, is working on companion series to his original book and then he has, as mentioned, his published novel called Legend Land.

We have been in Missouri, the home state for some of the Nomads, for the past month. At least once a year we have to return to do admin stuff (vehicle registration, insurance meet with CPA, etc) and visit with family. This time, though, we added another event to our regular agenda. We conducted a book signing event at the Springfield Barnes and Noble.

Springfield, Missouri is where Noah was born. So, it was special for him to be hosted by the Barnes and Noble in the city of his birth – hometown author at his hometown Barnes and Noble.

The event took off without a hitch. This was due in large part to the Barnes and Noble staff. The entire staff was very helpful and accommodating. So, to the staff, we thank every one of you that were there. And, because our event overlapped a Cosplay event, some of the staff was in costume, which added to the overall enjoyment of the event.

We would like to say a special thank you to Renee Hunt, the Community Business Development Manager. Without her there would have been no event. And  we would like to say a special thank you to Robert Mueller, the Store Assistant Manager. It was due to his organizational efforts that we got set up and ready to rock with almost zero effort.

We were there for a few hours. During this time, Noah interacted with fans, Cosplay participants, store employees, family friends and some would be authors. There was even one young lady that had a basket of books and a budget to stick to that visited the table where Noah sat. After speaking to him, she picked a book out of her basket, put it back and grabbed a signed copy of Legend Land. That was actually quite thrilling for me to watch.

The whole event was enjoyable and fun. We sold almost every book that Barnes and Noble had in stock. And, Noah even signed the couple that were left. So, if you were unable to attend and you want an autographed copy of Legend Land, if you hurry, there may still be a copy of it on the shelf.

I called the store the day after to ask a few questions and I received a ton of complements on how talented, polite and professional Noah was at the event and that Mama Nomad and I must be proud and that we did a great job with him. Well, proud is an understatement on how we feel about him. It was not easy for a young teenager to put in the time, effort and attention needed to write a 500 page book and get it published before the age of 18! But he did it.

So, yes, we are extremely proud of him and his accomplishments. As for us doing a good job, I feel we gave him a great foundation and guidance. But, he became awesome all on his own! So, thank you to all family, friends, fans and Barnes and Noble Staff that helped make this hometown signing event so successful. Safe Travels.

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