Asheville Wildlife Nature Center

The Nomads made a trip to the Asheville Wildlife Nature Center. It’s an exciting, interesting, and inexpensive trip where you can learn and enjoy facts about some woodland wildlife such as, otters, black bears, and my favorite, wolves.

As we made our way along the dirt path and looked at all the animals, I couldn’t help but feel my heart start to race as we neared the wolf enclosure, and saw three majestic creatures of the wood. I have loved wolves for as long as I can remember, so seeing these beautiful animals walk around on those big paws of theirs, and look at me, as if they’re gazing deep into my soul was a thrill of a lifetime.

On a lighter note, watching the otters was a hilarious venture. They would play, jump on the rocks, and come visit us at the glass. It’s safe to say, the otters never ceased in making the Nomads laugh.

As we walked further and observed the owls, snakes, and falcons, we finally made our way to the animals the youngest Nomad was dying to see… the black bears.

Sadly, since it was winter, the black bears were in their little concrete houses (so to speak) hibernating for the winter. One of the fellows that worked there told us that the bears occasionally come out to stretch or use the restroom. If you plan on going to the Asheville Wildlife Nature Center, I would highly suggest you go in the spring, when all the animals are awake, and it’s warm, so you might get the full effect of it all.

Lastly, as we made our way to leave, we stopped by the petting area where the youngest Nomad, Mama Nomad, and I were able to pet the different sheep and goats they had at the Nature Center. They had big goats, little goats, fat goats, and even a little baby goat that touched Mama Nomad’s heart. The sheep on the other hand, stayed a little distant and kept making funny sounds. But, all together, this trip to the Asheville Nature Center was one of my favorites.

About Ethan

The middle son of the family, at 15. Ethan loves to spend time with his family and his friends, as well as do magic, draw, watch TV, play video games and explore outdoors. He loves all kinds of animals, but especially wolves. Ethan is currently considering modeling as a direction in life.
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  1. Great job Ethan! So excited that you were able to hang out with the wolves!

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