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When looking for a place in New Mexico, we wanted something that was more centrally located. After a lot of research, we settled on Albuquerque. That is when our hunt for a home base began. It did not take us very long before we circled in on a great Albuquerque Townhouse.

Something we did not know about Albuquerque before we got there was how well the city was laid out and how well traffic flowed. For a city with 1/2 a million people, the traffic to get to main parts of the city flowed surprisingly well.

The city has an Interstate that runs East/West along its southern border and North/South through the center of town. It also has a 6 lane arterial road that runs North/South on its west side and a matching one on the east side. To allow better flow on the north side of the city, there is a 6 land road without traffic lights for the most part. So, getting to a major quadrant of the city was easy and effortless.

The Albuquerque Townhouse we selected was actually located close to one Interstate and the Western Arterial Road, named Coors. This made it easy for us to navigate. And, as a bonus, almost everything we needed was located along Coors; from movie theaters and restaurants to Costco and shopping centers.

The name of the townhouse is Casa De Paz. This is located in the Villa De Paz subdivision. Villa De Paz, translated as Village of Peace, is a nice and aptly named peaceful area with a park and pool in the center of it. Mama Nomad and I enjoyed walking the neighborhood daily for exercise.

Casa De Paz was a wonderful townhouse to stay in. First of all, the owners were extremely courteous, attentive and helpful throughout our entire stay. They made suggestions for places to go, things to see and they kept up with this site to read our posts so they could serve us better.

The interior of Casa De Paz was bright and colorful. Just as you would imagine for New Mexican Culture. The townhouse was outfitted with all of the amenities that we needed.

The beds and furniture were comfortable and the outside patio space was an enjoyable retreat to read books under the Albuquerque sun. Our Nomad Family of 5 had plenty of room to live in this townhouse without bumping into each other.

I have no problems recommending anyone to stay in Casa De Paz. It is a wonderful townhouse in a great location with wonderful landlords. If you are going to Albuquerque, contact Charly and tell him The Nomads sent you. Safe Travels!

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  1. Thank you for this very nice description of our vacation rental, Casa de Paz, in Albuquerque. We are pleased that you enjoyed your time in the townhouse and that you found the location to be so convenient. You were great quests!

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