When polled, the top two things that most people respond as things they would like to do more of are travel and spend more time with family.

We decided, as a family, to adopt a lifestyle that would afford us both.

In June of 2014, our family began the preparations to goFrom This To This



We sold most of our belongings and reduced a 4700 square foot house to a 40 square foot cargo trailer pulled behind our vehicle. We began our travels on August 29, 2014 by journeying across the United States and living life instead of reading about it.

Many people think “If we were single, we would do that.” We decided that because we have kids we “have to do it.” We experience and make history instead of reading about it. Our sons will have hands on learning and traveling experiences that are only dreamed about.

In short, we are Living Nomad Style.

We invite you to join us and follow on our adventures. There is no manual for this (although we may create one). So, we welcome all inquiries, positive feedback and useful suggestions.


As of September of 2017, The Nomads halted their travels. We have traveled to, lived in and had adventures in the 48 contiguous United States. We will still visit Alaska and Hawaii as well as travel back to states and visit foreign countries. But, we are setting a permanent home base to operate out of.

One thing that we learned along the way was the Nomad Lifestyle, which is why we call it Living Nomad Style. The Nomad Lifestyle is a mentality of emphasizing value and minimizing waste.

While on the road, we had limited space in Ebony and The Mule. If one of us wanted something new and had no room for it, we had to decide to get rid of something or forgo the new item. This made us carefully consider getting new things just for the sake of new things.

Also, when we looked at acquisition of something, we examined its utility, durability, weight and cost to determine the overall value. Something had to have an overall high value for us to acquire it.

We became largely detached from “just having stuff.” At one time our stuff owned us, we did not own our stuff. After our travels, we have reversed this behavior. We are in clear ownership of our stuff, continue to emphasize value and minimize waste…the Nomad Lifestyle.

So, we will continue to write about our journeys and life events because Living Nomad Style has transformed into more than a chronicle of travel. It has become a way of life. One we are fond of and will continue to practice.

Nomad Family Mission

We will experience life, doing things we have never done, rather than simply reading about it. As a family, we will explore the lands and waterways of all 7 continents, experience unique things and use our travels to make us more well rounded, adaptable and understanding individuals. This will allow us to spend more time together, facing and overcoming challenges and grow stronger as a family unit. While pushing each of us to take action and move through our lives with purpose instead of stagnation. And ultimately we will leave normal behind and find the adventure that is in front of us while seeking to be an inspiration to others along the way.

About The Nomads

ChaseChase Barfield

The patriarch of the family and Daddy Nomad. Chase loves spending time with his family, traveling, outdoor activities, good movies and TV shows, business and creative projects. He is an entrepreneurial businessman and investor who specializes in international business strategy and tactics.



Mandy Barfield

The First Lady of the family and Mama Nomad. Mandy loves to spend time with her family, travel, explore and read. She is the primary daily educator and overall household manager. Mandy is credited with being the inspiration behind venturing into this Nomadic Lifestyle.



Noah Barfield

The eldest son of the family, Noah loves to spend time with family and with friends, explore, play video games, listen to music and read. He has been an aspiring author since the age of 9. He started writing blog posts and progressed into works of fiction,  completing his first novel by the age of 16.



Ethan Barfield

The middle son of the family, Ethan loves to spend time with his family and his friends, as well as do magic, draw, watch TV, play video games and explore outdoors. He loves all kinds of animals, but especially wolves. Ethan is currently considering protective security services as a direction in life.



Trevor Barfield

The youngest son of the family, Trevor loves to spend time with his family and friends, play all kinds of games (electronic and board), watch TV, skate, tell jokes and generally be the center of attention displaying unending energy. His greatest aspiration is to become a professional actor.


Final note: All family members will be contributing to this site with articles, stories and insights from their perspective. This should allow for entertaining reading for all audiences.

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